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About the Founders

Alessandra Thomas

Alessandra started her career in finance, took a sharp right turn into non-profit fundraising, then decided to find a flexible role that played to her strengths and her love of setting others up for success. She entered the world of virtual EAs, where she hired, trained, and managed EAs at all levels and led a Client Success team.

She has since cultivated her own successful virtual EA business supporting incredible executives. Alessandra loves details, databases, and automations. She lives in Austin, TX, where she, her husband, and her dog spend much of their time chasing their twin toddlers.

Crystal Esquivel

Crystal’s roles over the years have ranged from Director of Client Services to Chief of Staff, from Executive Assistant to Executive Producer—all with the common threads of mentorship, organization, and collaboration. She has organized and managed chefs, photographers, and cocktail experts, led weeklong food events in multiple cities, has authored two books, and now works directly with executives as a virtual EA.

Crystal loves helping others, all things food, and nerdy word puzzles. She lives in Austin, TX with her amazing husband and her little black cat.